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Vision Boards

Hello everyone. I’m super excited about this topic, VISION BOARDS!! I’m extremely into goals; setting goals, managing goals and attaining them. For me it is not necessarily even the “prize” but more the journey to get there and to prove that I can do it. I have been creating vision boards for years, and truly when I take the time to think about and visually put down what I want for the year, I am at a much higher percentage of getting to whatever the goal might be. I believe in vision boards, because they work!!!

Rob working on his vision board a few years ago

What is a vision board you ask?

It is simply a poster board that you post images to.

Why do you create a vision board?

They idea behind vision boards is to surround yourself with what you want to become, where you want to travel and goals you want to attain.

How do you create a vision board?

You’ll need three things, pasteboard, magazines and glue. THAT’S IT!

Step 1.

I like to start the process with writing down two lists, things I accomplished the prior year and things I did not. This helps remind me of goals I was able to attain as well as shows areas I might need to work harder at. Essentially it is giving us validation and creating accountability. Often I will pull out my previous years vision board while doing this.

Step 2.

Go through various magazines looking for key words, phrases and images that are linked to your GOALS. Helpful hint: don’t go out and buy a bunch of magazines, you can easily get lots for free. Just ask your friends, family or local salons and business offices if you can have their old magazines… It doesn’t matter if they are 10 years old and most people and business will throw away copies that are not within a few months.

Step 3.

Once you’ve cut out your images start laying them out on your poster board. You will start to see how things are fitting together and often come up with specific themes. It is also ok to put actual items on your board, say a concert ticket, plane ticket or ribbons and rhinestones. Anything that makes your board more personal and meaningful to you and your goals is a perfect way to create your vision.

Step 4.

Once you finalized your lay out glue your images to the board

Step 5. Hang your VISION BOARD up. I like to find a spot where it is seen, but not the sole focus. I think it is important to be aware of our goals, but if we focus on just the dreaming aspect sometimes we lack action. It has been my personal experience to put the board somewhere you can see it but not focus on it constantly.

Maybe this should go without saying, but you can’t get what you want from simply dreaming. Goals take ALOT of action. A vision board is a great way to set a goal and visualize it, but it takes conscious action for it to “come true.” By visually being reminded what your goals are, it will help you take action to achieve it.

“Dream about it, envision how you will realistically do it or get it, and them get off your tush and make it happen”

*we will be doing our own vision boards next week. Look out for a new VLOG watching us create our own goals for 2018.

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