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My Beauty Business

When I joined SeneGence it was to get some fancy lipstick at a discount while working towards staying at home and paying off our medical debt. I quickly realized the possibilities, from life-changing money to new best friends and not to mention the confidence I gained over the past year. However, my favorite part about this business is helping everyday women like me become leaders of their own business and watching them experience the same life-changing benefits. Join the team and you will receive exclusive trainings, access to unlimited resources and one-on-one sessions with me. 

You have two options after signing up! 1. Use your wholesale account for a discount on personal use products. (like I did initially) or 2. Start building your business!!! Either way I will be in contact with you once your application is processed!


More Questions? Contact Me to schedule a time to chat more about the SeneGence Opportunity!

Click ^ and enter Distributor ID # 197994 then choose individual account

Choose to be a senegence distributor

It’s easy to get started to become an independent SeneGence distributor. Sign up in minutes and immediately begin purchasing products at a discount of 20% - 50% off the retail price. Share the products and opportunity with those you know and everyone you meet. In no time, you can begin to enjoy earning rewards like trips and a new car allowance. Set your own schedule, be your own boss and live your life – on your terms. Choosing to become a SeneGence Distributor means choosing products that work & a career that really works … for you!

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